Going to the ends of the earth is always a difficult decision to make, even for a boat vacation. But the dream of living another life for a few weeks in the middle of nature, in warm, crystal clear water with a great diversity of landscapes, territories in contact with welcoming people was very strong. After having had numerous discussions with Paul and Anne-Marie, we made the decision to live this experience for 3 weeks by going to the Leeward Islands and the Tuamotu Islands. Their knowledge of Polynesia allowed us to navigate unique places, to discover the diversity of the islands, the importance of nature and the sea for the Polynesians. Every day we discovered a new anchorage in a heavenly place in the middle of nowhere. We swam, fished, snorkeled among the corals and fish and went ashore to discover the presence and kindness of some locals. Paul and Anne-Marie’s nautical experience and local knowledge allowed us to spend our holidays in complete safety, to relax in sheltered anchorages, to avoid too touristy places and to sail in a spirit of well-being. . Yes, we experienced a dream cruise in an unforgettable place.