A personalized approach to boat rental

The added value of PAN-PAN SAILING lies in its personalized approach and its unique navigation expertise, drawn from the 40 years of maritime experience of its founders. PAN-PAN Sailing is your tailor-made cruise companion.






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Rental of catamarans and monohulls with or without skipper

Each boat offered is carefully selected for its quality and its crew to guarantee you a service that meets your expectations.

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Who are we ?

With their nautical experience (Building their first 2 sailboats, a 10-year family world tour, 7 years of charter in the Antilles, and 22 years of charter in Polynesia on catamarans) Paul and Anne-Marie Gasparini offer to share with you their passion for the sea.

This passion for the sea, combined with an in-depth knowledge of navigation, is the foundation on which the platform rests.


How it works ?

PAN-PAN Sailing is more than just a boat reservation platform. It is a personalized service that puts our nautical experience at your disposal to help you choose the perfect sailboat or catamaran, with or without crew, for an unforgettable cruising experience.
Whether you dream of exploring the crystal clear waters of Polynesia, sailing in the West Indies, or discovering the French coasts, we are here to make your project come true.

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