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Our Heritage:

With more than forty years of experience in the nautical sector (Building our first two sailboats, a 10-year family world tour, 29 years of nautical charters between Martinique and Polynesia) today allows us to bring to PAN -PAN SAILING an unrivaled experience.

Our offer :

PAN-PAN Sailing is more than just a boat reservation platform. It’s a personalized service that puts our nautical experience at your disposal.
To help you choose the perfect sailboat or catamaran, with or without crew, for an unforgettable cruise experience.
Whether you dream of exploring the crystal clear waters of Polynesia, sailing in the West Indies, or discovering the French coasts, we are here to make your project a reality.

Our engagement :

Each boat offered is carefully selected for its quality and crew. Guaranteeing you a service that meets your expectations.


Your Journey Starts Here:

With PAN-PAN Sailing, benefit from tailor-made support in the organization of your cruise: choice of boat, personalized itinerary, expert advice for an unparalleled maritime adventure.


What is the added value?

PAN-PAN Sailing, a personalized approach

The added value of PAN-PAN Sailing lies in its personalized approach and its unique expertise, drawn from the 40 years of maritime experience of its founders.

Unlike generic boat rental platforms, PAN-PAN Sailing offers a tailor-made service, adapted to the specific needs of each client. This includes careful boat selection and advice for an unparalleled cruising experience. This approach guarantees high customer satisfaction and positions PAN-PAN Sailing as a preferred choice for both sailing enthusiasts and novices looking for exceptional, authentic and personalized maritime adventures.

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