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After a journey of approximately 18,000 km in 22 hours, including a stopover, between Paris and Papeete you arrive in Tahiti, the main island of French Polynesia. The islands of Polynesia are volcanic formations located on hot spots where magma springs from the ocean floor. With the drift of the latter, the islands move away from the hotspot at a speed of around 10 cm per year, while sinking under their own weight. This process leads to the formation of a lagoon between the original coral reef and the new shores, and ultimately, to the transformation of the island into an atoll once it disappears underwater. Islands without a lagoon are the youngest, those with a large lagoon are older, and atolls are the oldest. French Polynesia occupies a vast maritime area of ​​4,750,000 km², spread over five archipelagos (Marquises, Tuamotu, Gambier, Australes, Society Islands: Windward Islands and Leeward Islands) but its land surface is 4,000 km², representing a multitude of scattered islands (118) over an immense ocean (South Pacific Ocean).

By superimposing the maps of these five archipelagos on that of Europe, we would have Brest in Bucharest and Stockholm in Rabat

To the west is the Society Archipelago, which is divided into two groups: the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands, comprising both atolls and mountainous islands. : Tahiti – Moorea – Huahine – Raiatea – Tahaa – Bora Bora

Located approximately 300 km northeast of Tahiti, the Tuamotu archipelago is made up of 76 atolls : Rangiroa – Tikeau – Makatea – Fakarava – Apataki – Toau … and extends to the Gambier Islands: Mangareva – Akamaru … forming a line from the North West or South East over a distance of 1700 km. The Gambier Islands form a unique group, with seven islands grouped within the same coral reef, representing the peaks of a largely submerged volcanic formation.

Further north of Tuamotu, the Marquesas Islands, 1500 km from Tahiti, include five main islands: Nuku Hiva – Ua Pou – Hiva Oa – Tahuata – Fatu Hiva

600 km south of Tahiti, the Austral archipelago is made up of five inhabited islands. : Rapa – Rurutu – Rimatara – Raivavae – Tubaï

French Polynesia has no active surface volcanoes and has not recorded any aerial volcanic activity for around two thousand years. However, it is home to some active underwater volcanoes, which could well be the emerging islands of tomorrow.


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